Screenconnect Service Stopping Randomly

Running screenconnect on prem as an ubuntu vm and has been running great for the last couple years up until recently.

Recently there are times where it seems the service just stops and I can’t seem to figure out why or if that’s actually whats going on. Thats just going based of the logs i’ve pulled at the time of the issues happening. It’s entirely random (it seems at least for now) but we basically go into the host page and it just sits there on the partially loaded page for a couple minutes and then just say operation timed out. Or sometimes “an unexpected error occurred”. In the logs it just looks like the service is starting and stopping a lot throughout any given day. Not sure if that’s normal or not. When the issue happens i’ve checked resources of the vm just to be sure nothing is tapped out and all seems good there. I’m kind of stuck on this one and have just thought just back up the db’s and reload to another vm to see if I can replicate the issue but if someone has a few other things that I could check first, may be worth a shot.

When it does seem to hang up, normally I can just go into the vm and restart the service manually and all is back to normal.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated!

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