ScreenConnect / ConnectWise Control Portal Problems - Alternatives?

I figured I would also post here since I know Tom uses ScreenConnect and I figured others here do too.

First off, this I really really hate to talk bad about this product. I loved it! If you look at Toms videos as he states the software just works and besides kernel updates it needed no maintenance at all. I hate to say it but it seems like ConnectWise did this product in. When it was ScreenConnect their forums were followed by their employees and you could tell the passion to make the product better was there. Now it’s just idk bland?

For about a year now there have been major bugs with this software. First the CVEs now with the portal crashing, it seems like a false wall waiting to be pushed in. What are your thoughts? Are there any alternatives out there that are worth looking into that can be self hosted?


Thanks for your time,