Screenconnect / Connectwise Control Migration from Linux to Windows

We are currently in the process of migrating our production onprem screenconnect install from a Linux box over to a windows box (both vms) but seem to be running into an issue.

In the docs from connectwise there are files that can be moved from the Linux install to the windows install for all the configurations that had been made and client connections and all that good stuff. But by following their docs, I can’t seem to get a successful install going post-migration of config files. Before moving files, it’s a typical setup. But once the configs are moved, the services fail to start. In the docs, they mention doing a repair of the install once the files have been moved but even that fails.

This is the error we get when trying to do repair or even jus after the files are moved:

I’ve currently got a ticket in with them but for some reason, I feel like it’s going to be a while before I hear back since it’s already been escalated before I’ve ever actually talked to someone…

Has anyone gone through the process of migrating and run into this?

The goal is to get it migrated and behind haproxy so it actually functions lol!

We moved ours last week and it went really smooth. Follow their guide and instead of moving the entie web.config file simply copy the setting from your old install which are in the <appSettings> and </appSettings>

Be sure to also copy your AsymmetricKey value into your new web.config so your access agents will reconnect to your new server per the instructions on their site.

It works fine behind HA Proxy as well.

Yeah that’s what I was following. When you moved the other files, did you move the whole folder oor just the files within the folder? Like the web-resources folder.

Maybe I copied an extra character or something somewhere.

I may have figured out where I was going wrong. I was running the repair after editing the web.config file. The key was to run the repair before editing the web.config. After doing that, it all seems to be working well.

Now to get haproxy going!

though it still seems anytime I edit the web.config file it breaks something with the services. So when I thought I made the changes they didn’t actually stick so the AsymmetricKey wan’t correct either

***Edit after reapplying the settings in web.config. It seems like all is persisting now.

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I really wish Linux was nicer playing with the jnlp files when connecting to a Screen Connect session from a Linux OS… Iced Tea is not exactly the nicest to look at or work with!