Screen Connect / Connectwise Control

Hello everyone. I keep getting this message every few days:

Thank you for being a valued ConnectWise Control Partner. In the past week, you’ve hit the licensing limit for your Control subscription. One or more of your technician users would have seen the below message recently:

Status: Waiting for an available license…

This message was likely prompted by:
Too many technicians trying to host sessions at the same time
Someone that tried to host too many concurrent sessions at once
When a license limit is reached, your technicians can either wait for a license to become available or end open sessions to allow new sessions to be hosted. You can also upgrade your license to add capacity to cover your increased usage and avoid license conflicts.

I’m a bit confused as to why. We have 3 licenses that we pay for; Only 1-2 remote sessions ongoing at a time. This keeps happening often. Connectwise support is pretty useless and just tells me to buy more licenses. I thought it was 1 user license per concurrent session. Is this not the case?

Fellow Screen Connect user here. Equally frustrated support-wise but for a different reason. The standard of their support is really bad but to be honest, I’m finding that with a lot of companies these days.

I think I am on a different plan to you but based upon your post. I ‘think’ you are probably on the ‘Standard’ plan?

I get the same warning message/email but mine is due to what they call ‘unattended access agents’. I have a limit of 25 of these agents. I have this installed on slightly over 25 computers but if they all are on at the same time and connected to the screenconnect hosting server then I’ll only be able to connect to the first 25. The others will appear in the console but there is no live connection. The only way I can access those computers is if a few of the other computers are turned off.

Is it possible that whatever plan you are on has a limited number of ‘unattended agents’?

We are on the Standard plan, which allows for unlimited unattended agents. We use the quick support quick infrequently. So, I doubt that’s the issue. Also, we just recently paid for 5 additional tech licenses, and now we are at 8. We a couple of customers on for their own remote access to certain computers. The error still pops up and gets emailed.

Pardon my French, but wtf is wrong with Connectwise and their licensing system?

I know Tom here purchased a self-hosted license, I might end up having to do that as well. This is becoming ridiculous.

If you are paying for 8 standard plan users, I don’t think it would take long to pay for a self-hosted version/licence. I’ve just had a talk with Ninja One and seriously considering moving to them although I prefer the Screenconnect product. If you do go down the self-hosted route, maybe you could drop me a PM with the current price that they are quoting? I’m not big enough for it yet but it would be good to know.
Good luck with the support! :triumph: