Screen Connect & Arch Linux

Does anyone know if there is a guide or some way to install the viewer for connectwise control/screen connect on Arch linux?

I googled around for the same thing and what I found was a reddit post linking to the Iced Tea version that worked with Control. Here is the link to the post,

This is for fedora but may be possible to use the rpm for Arch.

I honestly don’t like this solution and wish there was a better way to interface with Control from Linux. I was just at IT Nation and Linux desktop does not get any love at all.

If your workstation is beefy enough maybe going the route of a VM maybe the way to go. I am currently testing what is the best setup for Linux Desktop for my work environment.

I don’t use ConnectWise from home (Manjaro) very frequently but the last time I used it I found IcedTea didn’t work. I ended up going back to java 17 to get it to work again.


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