Schedule Unifi Switch Reboots

Is there a way to reboot unifi switches? or specific poe ports on a unifi switch? or even send an ssh command via computer on the network? would like to reboot voip phones on a weekly basis but there isn’t a way to do it on the phones, so the switch is my next best option

Many enterprise switches allow changing settings like enabling or disabling POE per port using SNMP. I don’t know if Unifi supports it.

Yes. Here’s an example bash script on an ubuntu host to do just than (remotely on a 16 port POE switch). It creates a set of switch cli commands and execs them via telnet. A single POE port is power-cycled.

#!/bin/sh -x

ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa.PEM user@switch '(echo "enable"; echo "configure"; echo "interface 0/5"; echo "poe opmode shutdown"; echo "poe opmode auto"; echo "exit"; echo "exit"; echo "exit")  | telnet localhost; exit;'