SB-8200 with Comcast residential service

Being I lack experience with Comcast residential I would like conformation that I am on the right track!

Setting up a package for someone to take home who has very little network experience so I need this to be plug and play. I do not want to have to visit him to set this up. He is good with doing the forklift upgrade by unplugging and replacing stuff.

Currently he has a older Comcast plan and a older Arris modem/ router, he upgraded his service to a faster plan requiring a modem swap that will have to be called in to perform.

The SB-8200 is a modem only not a router, so I should be able to setup a PFsense/ mikrotik router with the WAN port being DHCP?

The rest is easy and a standard NAT & basic firewall setup. Then a couple of pre-configured ubiquiti wireless access points.


As long as the cable model supports bridging ( which it looks like that one does) yes, you just set the WAN to DHCP.