Save voicemail in PBX

We have “Follow me” enabled in extensions.
The problem is that if someone leaves a voicemail, it will save on that person’s cellphone’s voicemail and not their extension.

Is it possible to save the voicemail to the PBX/extension instead, maybe forward back the call to the extension if unanswered in the cellphone?

I’m assuming you’re on FreePBX/PBXact. The easiest way to handle this is to require the user to use the Confirm Calls feature in Follow Me. They’d answer the call and then have to tap a key to acknowledge they’ve got it. If they don’t, the call can fall back to the PBX voicemail system or however you’d like to handle it.

You are correct it’s FreePBX (I forgot to specify).
I just tested it and this is exactly what I needed. Thank you!

Excellent! Glad you got it sorted