Saturday Live Q&A: Web Site Updates, UniFi VPN Testing, Homelab, And Other Tech Topics, [YouTube Release]

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@LTS_Tom caught part of the stream after the fact where you were asking about where to look. Could you put the chat in your prompter?

Chuck was right - studio is looking better and better all the time. Ready for an updated tour!

Since the prompter is a mirror it reverses things, so I would need something to mirror that again to make it readable…or I could learn to read things backwards :thinking:

I think computer screens are reversible via software? Not working for me on this VM when I click apply it goes back to landscape but could be an option if it works for you…if you’re feeding in a video signal and not using a tablet or something…not sure which prompter you have.

I want to get a prompter soon just for calls so I can make eye-contact with people. The new Elgato one is very cool, but sold out, and pretty small. It does the flip automatically, though.

My studio computer runs Windows and the screen is mirrored via a splitter. One day I will run another cable through the wall from the server area to the studio then I can use a utility to mirror the screen.