Safe way to power down PoE switch

Hello all,

I have the unifi 8-port 150 watt switch with 6 UAPs powered by PoE. I’ve read that there isn’t a power off option but I was hoping to get advice from some experienced pros.

Is it ok to just unplug the power with all those APs connected or should I unplug the APs first? Am I making a deal out of nothing?

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Very few switches have a “shutdown” option, just “reboot”. They are designed to be unplugged when you want them to be shut down.


The only Ubiquiti device I would be concerned with when powering down a POE switch would be Unifi Cloud Key (gen 1) device. UCK (gen 1) should be manually shutdown from within the GUI or CLI interface prior to disconnecting power. All other Unifi devices (including your APs) are safe to disconnect power from without any issues.

The Cloud Key (gen 1) has a DB that tends to get corrupted during power loss. The Cloud Key (gen 2 & gen 2+) fix this by including a built-in battery and shutdown routine to properly shutdown the DB and OS anytime power is lost.