Safe way to monitor baby in the age of botnet baby monitors and creepers

We never wanted to go with a camera based baby monitor due to all the stories about botnets and creepers accessing the camera feed. But after 4 weeks in the hospital and the ability to always check in via a camera (baby is 10 weeks premature) when I am at work. We’re now so used to that ability, that I’m now looking at a safe baby monitor camera or different camera solution for when the baby does come home.

First question for me would be how do you check if an baby monitor/camera is safe (in an IT sense), where can I check if a device has known vulnerabilities etc.

Second question would be is there another way to have that function. I’m already thinking about a Unifi camera but that would also mean upgrading some of my network gear. And I’m not really feeling something like the Nest camera’s.

At home I have a Unifi network based on a USG (the square one) and a gen1 Cloudkey. So at least I should look at creating a second VLAN to keep any camera separate from my other devices.

Don’t have the camera public exposed to the internet, use a vpn to connect to the local network and then to the camera, can use openvpn client etc on mobile to get to the camera from mobile.

To create an openVPN connection I would probably need to get another gateway than my Unifi USG. Or is there a way to do it on the USG (as far as I know it’s just able to do apoint to point VPN, right).

@LTS_Tom coupd answer that better, have no experience with USG sry