Safe to delete iocage in TrueNAS?


I want to destroy and re-setup my main pool on TrueNAS. I was wondering about the significance of the iocage dataset and found little about it in the TN documentation.
My questions is: I have zero jails running and the system dataset is set to the boot drive. There is an iocage dataset in that pool that I want to re-confirgure. Can I destroy that pool without messing up the TN system or is that iocage important even when you don’t have any jails installed?
Or will TN somehow “freak out” if I destroy that pool and set it up again (to update it to the new ZFS encryption etc.)?
Where do I even tell TN which pool to use for the iocage?

Many thanks!

You’re fine to delete the iocage dataset if there are no jails running. The next time you visit the jails page TrueNAS will ask you which dataset to use and it’ll create the datasets and download the data jails need to run.