Ryzen 9 3900X - Happy with it?

Hi @LTS_Tom,

What spec system was you running before jumping to the 3900X? Do you notice any major differences? Currently running an i7 3770 with 32GB RAM and a Samsung EVO SSD which tends to run fine for whatI do (trying to figure out what I do) - system is getting quite old (2012 maybe?)

I do some video encoding for the YouTube stuff but generally don’t sit watching it encode anyway, don’t really run any VMs as I have dedicated kit for that.

Trying to get encouragement to upgrade to 3900X, other than the age of the i7 3770. The wife is getting on a bit but I haven’t looked at changing her yet, she pretty much okay for most of the things I use her for too.

Have heard some issues about heat, you experience any heat issues (with the CPU not the wife)? Probably not in that huge ass case you have?

Glad you went with the upgrade?

You might be okay with a ryzen 7 3700x if you find a good deal on it. Do you need 12 cores for anything?

12 cores? Probably not. Actually trying to think of any point in an upgrade or just wait till the i7 dies and replace it :stuck_out_tongue: Even looking at the graphics is a GTX1050 which is probably overkill for what I use.

I had I7- 4790k till couple of week ago, and upgraded to 3900x.

I really dont see major differences I day to day tasks.

The only reason I upgraded, needed more power for work staff.

My point, if you dont feel the need dont upgrade now, and wait for Ryzen 3rd gen. might as well, but good luck waiting for CPU to die.

I upgraded from a 3570K to a 3800X with an RX 570 at 4K. I was surprised and how much a difference it made in gaming. Some games showed little difference but most games had upwards of 20% average fps gain and my stutters and dips drastically improved. I still wouldn’t recommend an RX 570 for 4K on linux but it gets me by.

If you’re worried about productivity workloads the benchmarks in reviews are pretty indicative of the performance you’d see.

I recently upgraded my PC to the Ryzen 9 3900x with an ASUS x570 Crosshair VIII Hero Wifi and G Skill Trident RGB 16GBx2 RAM. My GPU and storage all stayed the same. However, with those 3 new components, SIns won’t launch anymore, with or without mods. The dev executable launches fine with no issues. I’ve tried validating files, resetting the graphic and video settings and closing all background apps associate with my new setup. I have the latest drivers for my 1080 ti, latest BIOS updates, and all other firmware and drivers for my components. I had zero issues with Sins prior to this upgrade. The only software I haven’t removed is the AMD Ryzen Master software.

But anytime I tried to launch Sins, the UI pops up from Stardock and then after I click launch I get a continuously spinning blue loading wheel that only goes away if I sign out of Windows. But I have no issues with the dev executable starting or exiting. It boots up as though nothing was wrong and I am able to change the graphic and video settings as I had them previously.

Hello @ssheridan

Love your YouTube channel BTW.
I can tell you that I literally copied piece-by-piece, part-by-part @LTS_Tom system with R9 3900X when he built it.
He did a video telling us exactly all his parts and why he chose them at the time, and also its on his Kit.co webpage. Its, “Ryzen 3900X Linux Video Editing Workstation With 10G Networking” Kit
I can tell you that I have been running this system for years now, and I have never been happier.