Running remote a script on a VM

Strange question :
I have a PERL script for bulk-encrypting MP3 files on my Win10 desktop.
But after the W10 upgrade to 19 this script just stopped working …
I have the sourcecode for this script
what it does : it takes all the mp3’s from a “source” folder and encrypts them using a key from a SQLdatabase and then saves them in “destination” folder.

Because of this W10 problem I’m thinking of changing this system from being a W10 local script, to it being a VM with the script running and using it “remote” from my desktop.

Maybe sending a txt file over, telling it which songs need to be encrypted and with which key, and letting it run in the VM doing it’s encrypting thing, and delivering the encrypted files to a certain folder (on my NAS) where I can get them back into my W10 machine.

not using SSL or anything to mannually launch it, just dumping the txt file in a certain folder and it starts doing its thing …

In this way there is no more hassle with W10 problems and it can work from any OS and any machine (Win, Linux, Mac, …)

what would this imply ?
anyone know something about scripting to get this done ?
(it doesn’t need to be for free, but keep it reasonable please)


or anyone knows where to best post this question ?
coders forum ?
I have no idea …

A little out of my wheel house… I would try:

I found someone to help me … topic may be closed