Running Ethernet for Cameras

So, a lot of the buildings we work with in our area don’t have drop ceilings or attic access. I’m doing an 8 camera install next week and I’m looking for suggestions on the most efficient way to run Ethernet without being completely visible. 3 of the cameras have previous runs from prior tenants. The ceiling in the building are approximately 25ft tall, so I thought about running them across where the ceiling and wall meet.

in an open / hard deck ceiling we try to follow any straight path and follow what ever structure we can to hide the wires. If the ceiling is trussed we follow those and make right angle turns to keep it looking clean. We also choose what ever cable color will best blend in with the ceiling.

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There are several wiremold type products available that look like trim look at products from Panduit and similar. Check with your supply house. Home Depot even carries a decent line of these products if you need in a pinch. Makes for a neater job and protects the cabling.


Do you have any suggestions for learning structured cabling (the right way)?

Books, courses, class at local school, become an electrician, just go do it???