Running cable through ceiling

I have a 1/2 inch conduit running through the ceiling with 2 coax and 2 cat6 in it already and don’t have room to run cables through it. I need to run about 15 cables through the ceiling but my fish rods keep getting stuck on the studs running perpendicular to the direction I’m trying to run it.

Try running your rod down the top of the conduit that you have in place and use it as your guide

I can’t really do that because after about 10 feet the conduit goes under the duct and the rod won’t fit.

What Type of rod are you using? I have 2 types, one is a glow rod and it is hard to bend and the other is on form like harbor freight that bend easy i would look for one that is stiff. they might be a little more pricey. But if you don’t want to get new rods then tie a sting to the end and run it over a some thing high like the duck. use like a rod or something then so when it gets stuck you can pull the sting to left the end of the rod as it will all ways be high then the rod. Remember to stack the cable so this is a smooth taper and will less likely to get stuck when the cables are pulled through.

I’m using what ever rods that Lowes had. there pretty flexible. I can’t get a string over the duct because there is no space above the duct to get anything above it.

@kbmy you just might have to make some holes in the ceiling. Hols need not be huge should be able to get a hand through. Patching drywall isn’t fun but “you gotta do what you gotta do.”

Couple ideas

  1. Sometimes you can take a coat hanger or some type of Ridgid wire such as the stuff they use to hang drop ceiling grids, bend it into a Uish shape, than tape that to your rod and it will guide it over obstructions.

  2. Rather than trying to get a rod through, buy a piece of PVC conduit or multiple if your going more than 10’ put a string through it than push that through

  3. If your comfortable with a slingshot or crossbow you might be able to shoot a fishing line through (I know it sounds crazy but it works)

  4. Buy hat channel (top hat shaped metal channel used for framing) sometimes you can get that into your cavity in a way that it will guide your rod

Good tips but they are 4 of the many reasons I contract cabling out, plus it fits my business model.