Run Away Xcp-Ng server

Greetings, I am new to Xcp-Ng but not to virtualization. I have an issues that I hope you can help with:

I recently bought an HP DL-160 Gen8 in the following configuration for a home lab.

Xcp-Ng: 8.2.0
Server: HP DL-160 Gen8
Memory: 64GB
Processors: 32
Storage: 1TB

and migrated a server to this host machine. After a bit this migrated machine host and guest started to run erratic and stalled Xcp-Ng server and my internal LAN which was disappointing.

Then I created a VM on the server with the following configuration:

Oracle Linux 8
4 Processors

This machine is not busy and was a very simple install.

Installation and configuration of the server went without issue and as expected.

However, I have a problem. After the guest has run for (10 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day, Who knows how long) the processors on this guest including the RAM shoots through the roof and the guest server starts to scream like a jet about to take off and the CPU’s on the guest and the host spike to 100%.

I’m not sure how to resolve this or how to trouble shoot except to turn off the host and start this process over all over again.

Any support appreciated,
And Many Thanks

We use XCP-NG on a variety of hardware but have not run into that issue, might wan to post in their forums Home | XCP-ng and XO forum