RTMP and Zerotier

Hi All,

I have a remote gstreamer using pi zero-w out to rpi 4 in two different locations over zerotier out to nginx with rtmp loaded. For some reason zerotier doesnt allow my rtmp stream to be sent between the two zerotier clients, the nginx server doesnt pick up the stream (I get an error on the web page:The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported.). I was able to get this working on tailscale between two clients using the same config.

Can anyone give me any pointers on why zerotier isnt allowing rtmp between two clients on the same zerotier network, I can ping between the two locations and ssh in on both clients from both sides.

Camera is broadcasting and all services are active. thanks in advance for any thoughts.

A guess would be that you don’t have the RTMP service bound to the ZT interface.

Hi Tom, I definitely have the gstreamer bound to the ZT interface. I installed tailscale and it works flawlessly, the only difference is the ip address on tailscale is a different IP.

PI-Zero – Gstreamer RTMP— ZT-- remote ZT with Nginx for streaming to Html, the Gstreamer is sending the rtmp stream but the remote ZT doesn’t receive it. If I swap out ZT for Tailscale it works perfectly ok. It has me stumped.