Rsync backups - Full & Incremental

Hi all

I had a script a while ago that I now can’t find, it would create an rsync copy from a Windows machine to a Linux machine - I had the script create a full backup every 7 days and an incremental in between but with date & time stamped folders.

My folder would look something like - BACKUPS > RSync > BackupFull 11/24/19 > DriveC
BACKUPS - RSync > BackupIncremental 11/24/19 > DriveC


However, I now cannot find the script I made and cannot remember which flags I used to get it to do that! I have tried what I thought it was but I just end up with a folder, then after another run I get the changes and so on. No time stamps and not Full/Incremental.

Any ideas?

This may help.

If I were to do this as a bash script the file/folder names would use a variable that was the ‘date’ command

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