RSS newcomer needs help


I used Lawrence’s video as a reference point for the FreshRSS setup.

I got FreshRSS working without problems, but I’m facing an issue with a couple of subscriptions. One of those feeds is Bleeping Computer. Every single article is only partially loaded, and the text ends abruptly with “[…]”.

Like this:

Subscription settings:

Is this how it is supposed to be because of the settings Bleeping Computer uses, or did I setup the subsription incorrectly?

That is how mine works as well, I never looked into it further.

Okay, atleast I know now that I didn’t mess up anything.

I’ll try googling more or someone else has an idea how to fix this.

I found a kind of fix for myself. I use an app named “FeedMe” connected to FreshRSS. You can double tap the arcticle, and it will fetch the rest of the text.

Chis Titus has a write up about enhancing using FreshRSS