RSA SecurID 2FA with pfSense

Is there a way in pfSense using FreeRadius3 to implement 2FA with the RSA SecurID mobile app? Just watched the recently published video on YouTube from @LTS_Tom regarding, “How To Configure FreeRadius on pfsense and static assign IP addresses to VPN users”. This is really cool and got me thinking how I could use the FreeRadius3 package and 2FA to create a secure VPN to different resources on the network using 2FA like RSA SecurID. Say for example, a VPN connection to use HPC resources for authorized users to run projects.

Freeradius in pfsense supports ToTP authentication and it creates the QR codes so it should work. I was going to do some testing and make a video about it if it works. Someone did make a work instruction here but I have not validated it.

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It works

Thanks @LTS_Tom, this is exactly what I was looking for. I’ve also switched to the Authenticator+ app and prefer it over the others I’ve been demoing.