Routing Public IPs on pfSense 6100

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I’m having a hard time understanding how to route specific public IP addresses from a multiple wan block on pfSense.

I have an SG-6100 with 3 WAN connections, each with 5 public IPs. I have customers that pay for a static IP address to be allocated to them and have either all or specific traffic routed through that address to internal system. It’s a multi customer site to which some just use the internet provided with no public IPs required.

I have the VIPs added on pfSense, and each customer has their own VLAN interface. Can anyone help me out as I am coming to the end of this project and need to get it working, whist also understanding how it works.

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Here is the write up from Netgate on setting that up

Thanks Tom. I did try to follow that but ended up with no internet at all.

My provider gives me the public IPs in a block so

.160 netip
.161 gwip
.162 pfsense
.163 public
.164 public
.165 public
.166 public
.167 broadcast

Mask of .248

So setting the wan as a /31 doesn’t work and as a /30 doesn’t either.

I’m having trouble with the math today, but isn’t that a /29 or /28?

edit, this says /29 Subnet Mask Cheat Sheet

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Closing this thread, thanks everyone for the input: Closing statements on this thread here Which head end in a nightmare project for my first client - #19 by UK_TechDad