Route based vpn stops working

I have setup a route based ipsec vpn tunnel between 2 pfsense Netgates. But sometimes the P2 tunnel just disconnects. If I click on Connect it works again.

How can I make it possible I get a notification of this?
Why is this happening?
Can I make it reconnect automatically?

If you install the package service watchdog, it restarts stopped services. I don’t use ipsec but I assume it will be there.

I’ll try it anyway.

But the pfsense needs to be upgraded first… :frowning:

BUT, I don’t guess this will solve it, as the P1 and another P2 tunneled is still up. So the service itself is still running.

Enable these options under P2

Yes, I did that in the meantime, but it says this does not work for routed (vti) tunnels…