Roku type device

I have a Roku type device…its relatively obscure, but is blocked by the firewall. I haven’t worked to open up many ports. It is connected via Ethernet. What do you suggest I do to figure out how to open it up for streaming?

So to clarify you plug in the Roku and it says no internet connection?

If this is your question I would expect it to just work, to the outbound internet it should be no different than a phone or laptop.

What firewall do you have? More info on your setup needs to be provided.

It does see an internet connection, however, the actual server connection to the streaming service doesn’t connect. It says it is blocked. I’m using an off brand device similar to Roku. I’m on pfsense 2.4.5 blocking all incoming.

Hey @paranoid,

I would try;

  1. Fix the IP of the “Roku” in DHCP
  2. Setup a rule on your LAN to allow all from the IP you just set the “Roku” to, set it to log.
  3. Put that rule fairly high up in your rules so that it gets used (check the states column, it should start counting when you refresh)

If that fixes things then you can either leave it or if you want it more secure then you can look at the log to see what it’s doing and allow those ports / protocols out.

If not then it’s doing something that involves it needing inbound ports and that sounds like a bad idea to me! You could do some sort of DMZ setup for it but I wouldn’t recommend it!

I appreciate the sound advice, @garethw.

I don’t know much about firewall rules and am glad that streaming services do not require specific open ports.