RMM Recommendation? W/BitDefender or other AV?

Hi All,

Hope you’re doing well.

Say, I’m looking for an RMM for small business. One that I can get BitDefender through would be nice. (This is my employer, I’m their “internal IT” department.)

We have 10 workstations and 4 servers. I’m needing a way to manage that besides the good ole sneaker net. I’m seriously considering Pulseway - anyone have any thoughts? Or another one that I might not be thinking of?

Pulseway gives me the client and BitDefender for a good price combined, so I’m thinking of that route. I looked into numerous vendors but hoping for some feedback before I do it. Only have about $500 / year to spend on this whole thing together.

Also: I stumbled upon the Kaseya / BitDefender option from TechsTogether. Anyone have any experience from these folks? Or Kaseya in general?
Considering this one as well. Great pricing here and they were quick to respond.

Thanks for any advice or thoughts. Hope you have a great weekend!