Riviera Beach Council pay $600,000 ransom fee

Just seen this come through, Riviera Beach Council pay $600,000 ransom fee: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-48704612

Quite amazing considering the community is only 35,000 people, but at less than $20 per person, I guess it’s not utterly horrible. Provided the city is given the decryption keys of course.

Local governments seem to be the new favored targets for ransom attacks. The criminals have discovered just how cheep and incompetent government is and that they can take advantage of the political fallout from citizens who are inconvenienced or have PII exposed. Smaller cities may become the preferred targets because paying the ransom would be far cheaper than the cost of remediation as in the case of Baltimore $18 million vs. $76,000.

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There’s a sad political fact there, I won’t point anything out though. I’m still amazed at what Baltimore did, I mean, someones pockets got lined on that one.

@faust You got that right. Baltimore city well let’s put it this way perm-a-lube keeps the grass green.

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