Review: Ubiquiti UniFi Dream Machine Pro (UDM-Pro)

Can the UDM pro work as a standalone PROTECT server?
Not using Unifi Controler, etc?

Yes, but it seems a bit overkill for that use case.

Use-case: AWS hosted Unifi controller for multi-Site, pfsence firewall. So Just want to use as an NVR and Utilize existing Unifi Protect Cameras for now… basically a $350 NVR…
Vs upgrading all cameras and NVR to someone new right now.

Utilizing Multiple Cloud keys right now. would like to consolidate.

No word on a Standalone NVR… Or do you know something I dont?:wink: should I wait?

If it is just a few cameras, the CloudKeyGen2 works well for protect. Neither device offers any redundancy for the drives.