Review of laptop USB screens

Usually there is a forum for the posted videos but I couldn’t find one for the various reviews of the screens you use as a secondary display on your laptop. Years ago I thought of buying one from Asus but saw it didn’t have Linux support. I assume since you’re using them with your laptop that the 3 brands you’ve received have Linux support? Is it plug and play? Does it have any software quirks?

I have the original one and the other posted here 15.6-Inch USB-C 1080P IPS Portable Laptop Monitor Review

But the Laptop does has to have USB-C video support in Linux, not the monitor. I used my Lenovo L480 running POP_OS! for all three of them that I tested.

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Thanks for the link to the old ones I didn’t go go far enough in the forums. I didn’t realize that those screens were USB-C display. I’ll have to find a USB 3.0 that has Linux support as most laptops don’t have USB-C video.