Review: Dell PoweEdge R730XD From TechSupply Direct Running FreeNAS

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Dell HBA330 Mini
Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2670 v3 @ 2.30GHz
Intel® 2P X520/2P I350 rNDC

I like this test but have question how to get Phoronix image for iocage like you have in video. i cannot find it anywhere :confused:

Build a jail, download the universal version from their site.

Hi Tom,

Noticed that the perc card was showing in non-raid, thus giving visibility of the disk on the idrac etc. The general consensus with TrueNas appears to be to set the HBA into IT mode, my assumption is you didn’t do that with the HBA 330? Were the IT/IR rules different under the previous FreeNas offering?



That card was in HBA mode for the video allowing TrueNAS / FreeNAS direct access to the drives.

Many thanks. Natively supported on the card vs the flashing of cards to IT mode etc?

I’ve got a H310 that I’m considering swapping for the HBA330

I did not flash the card, it’s how it was sent to me from TechSupply Direct.

Perfect, thank you Tom.

I’ve also just found a Dell article that says you can switch modes from Gen 9 Perc cards, which the HBA330 is. The H310 I have is a gen a 8 Perc.

Makes sense, so I’ll be swapping that card out for a HBA330

Will order this later:

Dell HBA330+ 12Gb/s LP PCI-E x8 Host Bus Adapter - J7TNV (