Review: Bitwarden For Secure Password Management for MSPs & IT Providers

Hey Tom – I appreciate your review of bitwarden however it would be great if you could go possibly into more technical details on your setup. You mentioned you used docker and self hosting. I currently use the bitwardrs version (which I know is different). I’m assuming you have a database linked to your docker bitwarden installation. What database do you use and what tools do you use for database backup and/or replication? It would be great if you could give a tutorial or explanation on how you manage the backend data.

I used their instructions

And here is my more technical video on the topic

Hmm, nothing really useful regarding database management/backup/failure. Perhaps this is a topic for a different day. I’m looking at running a postgresql backend and trying to take advantage of some of the warm/hot backups.

They have the backup / restore process documented here

@LTS_Tom – are you snapshotting the data directory and then replicating the data directory. Just wondering strategy to prevent loss of the database data.

Besides backing up the VM itself, I use syncthing to backup the files that their backup process creates.