Revert to older snapshot

Just a little thought that did come up.
Lets just say you have been rely stupid, open an email with some bad things attached to it and the computer gets infected with something.
If you have an older snapshot and revert to that does the “bad stuff” go away or is it not that simple?
i thinking first of all on windows usage.

i know you can do this on freenas as Tom have videos about, but basically the same scenario but on a regular user computer. (off course you can nuke and pave if you done everything right but just curios)

If you are referring to Windows roll back. there is no guarantee that it will work.

ok, yes i did not know the name for it in windows. and it does not suprise me if it do not work in windows.

how about linux snapshots?
like timeshift.

It can if you configure it properly

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