Retail Computer Repair Store POS Software?

Hello all,

We’re looking for a new POS system. We’re using LightSpeed Retail, the old onsite version and we need more.

We need a solution that will allow us to use our own credit card processor (or allows cash discounting), handles work orders / tickets, one-off invoicing, CRM, ERP and purchase orders w/serialized items. We run subscriptions and our RMM separately and it would be nice to have them integrated.

We’ve played w/apps like RepairShopr, fixably and others. They’re workflows aren’t designed for a speedy intake or completions. That’s an issue and we collect tax on deposits which none of them allow.

I’ve tried to explain why big companies collect tax on deposits and how it’s incredibly beneficial to their customers experience and their bottom line, but they never can see the value of it. I can’t fault them because I think their customer base isn’t comprised of a lot of brick and mortar retail repair centers.

We like Invoice Ninja but it’s not a point of sale. We use barcode scanners, inventory management, purchase orders and serial number. Does anyone know of a way to extend it?

So what are other retail computer repair stores using?

Your quest for the perfect POS system really hits close to home for me. I vividly recall the days of scouring through endless options, hoping to find one that perfectly aligned with my business needs.

Have you checked out RepairDesk? I stumbled upon it when I was in the same boat as you. It’s got some pretty slick features like work orders and invoicing, and it even integrates with your own credit card processor. Plus, it’s designed with retail repair shops in mind, so it might just fit the bill for what you need.

Oh, and if you’re still on the hunt for a solution that handles bookings seamlessly, I’d recommend giving an online booking service a shot. It’s been a game-changer for my business, making scheduling a breeze for both me and my customers.