Restore from pfSense encrypted backup to different Netgate box

My SG-4860-1u died last night. Luckily I’ve been researching upgrading over the last few weeks so instantly pulled the trigger on a used XG-7100.

Only issue I see coming is that all my backups from my SG-4860 are encrypted so AFAIK there is no way to edit the xml file. I was set up and using the AutoConfigBackup Service if that may help me somehow.

Does anyone know if Netgate ever shipped the interface wizard in an update to help restoring from backup to a different box with the built in Marvell switch or am I going to have issues?

Whenever you do a restore make sure you are in the console and when it boots up after a the restore you should have the option to assign the WAN, LAN and VLAN interfaces to the proper new ports.

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I was able to manually decrypt my backup.

Using Linux I ran

openssl enc -d -aes-256-cbc -salt -md sha256 -pbkdf2 -salt -iter 500000 -a -in config-pfSense.localdomain-filename.xml -out config-pfSense.localdomain-newfilename.xml

I wasn’t able to get the command in the Netgate docs to manually decrypt a config to work for me.

Now I have more options moving forward when I receive the box.