Residential WiFi business using Unifi APs

To make a long story short, I put Unifi APs in my house (and a few friends homes) and am thinking about turning it into a business.

Here’s my question: can I set up an AP using the Unifi Controller before I go to a client’s home and then turn over management to the client? I could set up an AP as a stand-alone device and just plug it in at the client home, but this doesn’t allow for a guest network.

It seems like overkill to have an average homeowner use the Controller, but I can’t see another way to enable a guest network. Which is too bad because the homeowner doesn’t need most/any of the other functionality that comes with the Controller.

While this isn’t a perfect solution, consider offering the homeowner a Wifi Porter from Ten One Design:

Won’t be terribly useful if they see lots of laptops.