Requesting Bufferbloat config assistance

Hello all,

After watching Tom’s ‘How To Fix Bufferbloat in pfSense For Better Network Performance,’ I decided to see what my score was.

After running the buffer bloat test, I was getting an Grade A in bufferbloat but explained that ‘Your latency increased slightly under load’ for low latency gaming.

Since I love to game, I decided to watch the vid and try configuring my own limiter on pfSense.

I have a 1.2Gbps internet plan from Xfinity, however, states I get between 1.5-1.9Gbps down and about 39-42Mbps up.

When I run, I see about 951Mbps down and 36Mbps up.

I added 1450Mbps as my WANDown limiter, queue length of 3000. WANUp was set to 35Mbps with a queue of 1000.

After applying, bufferbloat test results is still A ‘Your latency increased slightly under load.’

I tried changing it to WANDown 1400 and 30Mbps WANup but still can’t seem to get an A+!

What are your recommendations? Should I go with making the changes to the limiter with the speeds is showing me or

An A should be good so if you think I am over worrying about it, feel free to let me know! :joy:

I watched that video too, and I have a feeling you configured something incorrectly on the upload side. If you put in a limit of 35, why are you still hitting 40? I don’t think that should be the case.

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Plus for what its worth, I scored an A as well. My upload active was +5ms which is on the border of A+ so I left it. I didn’t want to try and tackle this considering I have redundant WAN connections on two different providers. Too many moving parts.

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If your DL didnt actually reach the advertised rate and you only got about 950 or so, if after doing multiple speedtests it averages out to around that, I would use 95% of that and put that in and not use the Comcast advertised DL speed. Cable is a fickled beast and is based upon how many users are on since its a shared pipe per see. So you really never know what you will get. Yes, you may lose some speed if you are really looking to get that A+ but the main thing is the latency. Also don’t try to do a speedtest over wifi. Too many variables there as well between dropped packets and retries.


Do not get me wrong, if you have a score of A i would not make any changes

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I’ve applied some shaping on my vlans, I get a A+ :grinning:
Though I don’t game, before traffic shaping browsing on the internet wasn’t as good, after some sites were a bit more snappy!

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I believe that we have very similar connections. Xfinity says 1200 but a gigabit network or cable modem typically gives me roughly 900/40. I set the limiters at 850/35 to get an A+.

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