Replication in TN

Hey Tom, I’d like to request an embarrassingly simple overview video. Cover zfs replication in two forms and best practices / pitfalls.

  1. Local - > there is a claim that moving big amounts of data from one dataset to another is faster with send/receive vs just moving it. Curious if this is true.

  2. Local - > remote. I have never done it. Seems simple but I’d love a walk through, again covering best practices and pitfalls. I considering it for off-site backup. Need to automate it.

Since TrueNAS Scale 24 is almost here that is on top of list of new videos to make since my last video on this topic was with TrueNAS Core.

I can answer the first question easily: Moving data via ZFS replication is fast because it works at the block level of the file system VS copying files relies on the OS making a list of the file and then telling the file system to move those files and then the file system moving the blocks to their new location.

Here is my older video on the topic, the UI has changed but the concepts are the same