Replacing landline service

Hi Everyone, I’m new to the forums. I here because I am planning to give up my landline for voip. I went to and can’t tell if they’re still under attack or not so I now plan to just order service and an ata from another company. I hope I am thinking about all this correctly since I’m really just going off what I’ve been reading online but for now my landline is about 40 per month so looking forward to the changes. Thank you for having this forum and my ultimate goal is for a pbx so we shall see :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure you can set up a VoIP headset vice needing a whole PBX. I know Microsoft offers that (among others) although I can’t imagine you are saving much money.

Is this a business landline or a personal landline? Because you can do it with Google fairly easily both for personal or business.

Not sure what you mean by ‘VoIP headset vice’ but I need a home office phone system but for now just starting out by transferring my home landline to VoIP.

For now I’m moving my personal landline to VoIP, porting my existing phone number. I have a google voice number that is set up to ring this landline too. Hopefully all goes well, just waiting on the porting to go through.