Replacing Exchange

I’m looking into options to replace a on-prem exchange server. Does any one have on-prem email servers that they are finding as a good replacement?

I stumbled across “grommunio” and I’m going to start playing with it, has anyone used this before?

Thanks for any suggestions!

Zimbra was a good one back when I used to mess around with stuff like that.

For businesses we suggest using Google Workspace or Office 365, but for home users there is a discussion here on that topic:

Can you provide more info?

  • Number of mailboxes needed
  • Number of users
  • Is there a need for advanced features, if so which ones
  • Current mail store size
  • Is this for a business or personal email system, if a business, will the mail system need to meet certain regulations to be compliant (HIPPA, SOX, etc)
  • Other info

Sure thing:

@LTS_Tom Do you have any clients using Synology MailPlus with a good experience?

Nope, never used it or plan to.