Replacement for UDM

Ubiquiti is still out of the UDM. I like the UDM for small office. Does anyone know of a replacement? I know I can use a rackmount UDM pro with a AP but that is a little overkill for the need of a two office computer setup that needs a few ports forwarded.

Is Unifi a requirent? If not, I’d recommend Netgates products.

Does Netgate have a product like a UDM or UDM pro? If so do you know the model? We would like easy remote access with build in WiFi. We can install a UDM Pro SE but then would have to add a AP. Would like a package that is similar to the UDM.

As swemattias suggests, if you don’t have a requirement for the UDM a Netgate (PfSense) would fit the bill. The appliances they have do not have WiFi built-in by the looks of it. However if you use a standalone computer that has WiFi built in you can achieve what you are looking for. You’d have to add a second NIC so you can have a WAN and LAN interface as well.