Renaming interfaces in xcp-ng to be able to vmotion?

Hi all, longtime viewer, first time posting.

I’ve been running proxmox for a couple years now and knock on wood haven’t had any issues. However, I want to give xcp-ng a shot because I want to try something new, and vMotion without a cluster is appealing. I’ve run into a pickel though. Apparently vMotion requires the pool members to use the same named interface. Well, my main server has 6 total NICs, so my SFP+ interface is eth4. My 2nd host only has a single NIC. Is there a relatively simple way to rename my eth4 adapter to eth0? Or change the order the drivers are loaded?

I found this article, but I’m not 100% sure it applies.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: This was 50x easier than I thought it was. Incase someone google’s this, just identify the mac you want on each and reboot.

interface-rename --update eth4=00:24:81:80:19:63 eth8=00:24:81:7f:cf:8b

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