Rename pfSense interface names in the json to import to another firewall


Ive come across a situation where pfSense is installed on different routers. However, one router uses the interface names of igb0, igb1, etc… and the other pfSense router uses er1, er2, etc…

If I want to backup the config on the first router. Can I do a copy and replace in the config file so that for every instance of igb0 in the file, replace it with er1, and for every instance of igb1, replace it with er2, or does it not work like that.

When I upload a config to a pfSense router that has different interface names, the setup gets a little borked.

So my question is, can I do a search and replace of interface names in the backed up config files? I hope this makes some kind of sense.

Yes, download the XML file and replace the interface names.

Thanks Tom, thats good to know.