Rename Domain Controller?

So I just built a domain controller and setup all the users in AD. I just realized I forgot to name the Server with the proper name.
If I change the server name I assume I won’t be able to log back in. Is there any way to do this?

I haven’t tried a rename but if you wanted to be sure you could stand up a second domain controller, transfer the FSMO roles to it, and then rename your old DC, verify it’s happy and transfer the roles back.

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Screw it. I rebuilt the Domain Controller.

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ADSI edit to the best of my knowledge. Works for me on 2000 domain and 2003 I suppose. But later, I moved to SAMBA domains.

Renaming a DC is pretty straight forward, similar to renaming a domain joined member server. Maybe try it in a lab environment so you know it’ll work in the future.

This is the proper guide and no it is not the same steps as renaming a computer joined to the domain as everyone here is saying.

Here is a link that shows you can use system properties to rename a DC, the same way you would do a member server. There is the caveat that the old name can’t be used again unless you clean up AD, but that is not a common issue. Either way the instructions are linked on this how-to.

I know this is older, and the OP already rebuilt, but I’ve been an AD Admin for years. And I’m new here. So I figured I’d just add another alternative. I tend to play it conservatively with things in the domain. For this case I would have suggested building a 2nd DC with the naming scheme you want, and then decommissioning the original DC. There is a bit more to it than that like moving the FSMO roles, etc. But since this is a new domain and maybe you aren’t that experienced in AD it would have been good practice for the future. As you move to newer OS’s and so on these are all the steps you would have to take anyway. Even after migrating domains from 2003 all the way to 2022 over the years it still is a good thing to be reminded of. I’ve forgotten pieces a few times.