Rename Domain Controller?

So I just built a domain controller and setup all the users in AD. I just realized I forgot to name the Server with the proper name.
If I change the server name I assume I won’t be able to log back in. Is there any way to do this?

I haven’t tried a rename but if you wanted to be sure you could stand up a second domain controller, transfer the FSMO roles to it, and then rename your old DC, verify it’s happy and transfer the roles back.

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Screw it. I rebuilt the Domain Controller.

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ADSI edit to the best of my knowledge. Works for me on 2000 domain and 2003 I suppose. But later, I moved to SAMBA domains.

Renaming a DC is pretty straight forward, similar to renaming a domain joined member server. Maybe try it in a lab environment so you know it’ll work in the future.

This is the proper guide and no it is not the same steps as renaming a computer joined to the domain as everyone here is saying.

Here is a link that shows you can use system properties to rename a DC, the same way you would do a member server. There is the caveat that the old name can’t be used again unless you clean up AD, but that is not a common issue. Either way the instructions are linked on this how-to.