Removing Crap from Edge for Org

We are working on switching from Google Chrome to Edge as we a Microsoft 365 org. As part of this process I’m trying to remove the crap from Edge for our users (Circled in Red).

I’m trying to remove the sponsored quick links and the news feed. However, after scrolling though all the settings available in Intune, I can’t find anything that references these settings.

Not an Intune expert at all here, but does this help (or did you already look at this):

I keep pushing my IT department to look more deeply into Intune, it seems that many features are moving from GPO to Intune and often seems to be the answer to my problems when I’m told something just can’t be done.

I have been looking at this. I’ve been doing more searching and to add to the confusion the Policy Names in Edge and the Policy Names in Intune are not the same. So searching for specific Edge policies in Intune doesn’t return results.