Remote Wiki and osticket from outside my network

I would like to access my Wiki and osticket that is running on a Synology server from outside of my local network. I do not want to have to type in port numbers. I have a fixed IP and running DDNS. I can edit and know how to edit my DNS settings. I can use a SRV record to get to a port on my network. How do I change the ports for the two applications? is there a better way? I can do a vpn into the local network but would also like to type in our web address then Wiki after it.

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Setting up an OpenVPN connection is probably your best option, if you have DDNS or a fixed IP, you have all you need. I would guess that Synology has an option for VPN if you don’t have it on your router.

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I think Reverse proxy is the best answer.

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If you use a reverse proxy won’t that expose your services to the internet ?

Not sure that’s the best idea with these NAS devices, have a QNAP and they have had security issues over the years.

I use both a reverse proxy as well as an OpenVPN server to allow me to connect to internal services remotely while using a domain name.

That sounds more secure…

Zerotier… On which Tom has a video.