Remote management with

I’ve been using this service for about 2 years now and have not seen anyone else on here mention it. I’m not affiliated with the project in anyway other than just a user of their service. It’s a free remote management service that uses Agents to connect clients to a web portal from which you can connect to remotely, open remote terminal, see operating statistics, etc. It offers paid tiers for speed increases to and from Agents but is completely useful using the free version. They have clients for all major OS’s and they are easy to setup on client machines. This is just and FYI in case anyone is looking for something to handle remote management for multiple clients/customers. URL:


That looks interesting, don’t really have a need for it unless I dust off my chromebook. Remmina works well for me to RDP or SSH into a machine.

This is aimed at remote management for MSP’s to connect to machines over the internet without using a VPN or modifying firewalls.

Thanks @azteck2 looks interesting.

Interesting will check it out and eval. I am a bit old school, VPN, SSH, NoMachine and VNC both with SSH. Have avoided the RMM tools and was happy I did considering recent events. Did not really require them anyway since I don’t deal with Windows desktops and apps just connect to servers and storage.