Remote Connection Issue

Hi All,

I have a pfsense firewall with an inbound openvpn server. My openvpn server works great. I have it configured so I can connect to anything on my LAN over any port. I have no problems connecting to multiple machines on my LAN over multiple ports (RDP, SSH, 80, etc…).

I recently configured a Graylog server. The server itself works fine, and I can connect to it over HTTP and SSH while I’m on my LAN. For some reason, I’m unable to connect to just the Graylog server (over HTTP or SSH) while I’m on my VPN. Graylog is using UFW, but I’ve confirmed that rules are in place to allow connections from my VPN IP address over ports 80, 9000, and 22. Even when I turn UFW off I still can’t connect.

I ran a TCP dump from the Graylog server. It shows the connections from IP address of the machine connected to the VPN, but gives retransmission errors. Any idea what’s going on/how I can fix this so I can connect in from my VPN?

Doe the Graylog server have the pfsense as it’s gateway?

I would assume so since the server is set to use DHCP (a static IP is then assigned by pfsense)…? But I didn’t check. I’ll have to confirm when I get home.

Pfsense was the default gateway. I had to add a route to my VPN IP from Graylog.