Remote access VPN and HAProxy on same firewall with ACL


I have a virtual pfSense installation with OpenVPN Remote access and HAProxy with ACLs.
In a HAProxy backend I have the firewalls public IP address and another test IP set to allow connections from. If I connect from the other IP it works perfectly, however if I connect through the Remote access VPN set up on the same firewall all the traffic goes through it (expected and intended) but the traffic to the firewalls public IP is not (obviously).

Is it possible to route traffic to the firewalls public IP through the Remote access VPN without breaking the VPN connection?

I could set up the DNS Resolver to resolve the domain names to internal IP addresses that are accessible through the Remote access VPN, but I want it to go through HAProxy so it’s not really a good solution and later it could cause problems if DNS Records change in public and is not modified in the firewall.

We have out VPN’s setup split tunnel to avoid this issue, but having DNS redirect to the firewall instead of public IP when connected should work as long as you also have HAProxy listening there.