Remmina software review idea

Hi Tom,

Being watching the channel for a while I wanted to share idea for a simple but maybe very useful software review for the folks on the channel. Most of us know Remmina for a while now. In the past it was buggy and painful to use software but now this is different. After recent updates they made the software working amazingly good. I’m using it for like 8months without any major issues for like everything I need to connect to. Its all in one Client connector that can connect via most remote protocols SSH, RDP, VNC, SFTP et.c
I use it at work since we have pretty mixed environment and I can hold all my different sessions in one tool-box window which is really handy for me. Also have options to attach shared folders to your session, you can adjust the speed/performance of the connection and a lot of more fine tuning options which I can say they work “Okay” with current version 1.36

Keep up the good work with the channel always pleasure to check your reviews or talks over new technology or ongoing major security issues.

Not a bad idea, I have used it from time to time when I have to use RDP.

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I like Remmina a lot.

When I switched from Windows 10 to Linux at work a few years ago I found Remmina for RDP.

I used to have problems where on Win10 RDP would fail to connect to my Windows servers despite putting in the correct credentials. This would happen often and it would take several attempts before it would work. I looked into it and if I remember correctly it was a known bug that wasn’t going to be addressed.

When I moved to Linux and Remmina I found that it did RDP better than Windows did RDP, being a Microsoft protocol, too. Even when Win10 connected properly the first time to my Win servers, it was noticeably slower than how quickly Remmina connected to the same servers.

Remmina would be a good video to do.

I think this would be a great idea, as I am currently looking at a solution where I can access my Windows and Linux machines from my other Linux or Windows machines.

I think a bit of a comparison with X2GO or any other options would be beneficial too.

A similar software to that on Windows is mRemoteNG, also free…and portable install-able.

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mRemoteNG is a really awesome program as well. Highly recommended.

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