Relocating patch panels

I have a couple of sites where the patch panel needs to be relocated to consolidate equipment into one place.

What are the best options for doing so without pulling all new cable runs? The moves aren’t more than 50-60 feet, but there is no service loop to use at all.

TIA for any suggestions

One of these blocks might be what you need, then just run new cable from the cross connect block to the new termination block. They claim Cat6 ratings on this product.

And that said, I’ve never used this type of thing for data, only type 110 and type 66 for voice and audio.

For relocation the best option is new runs to reduce the potential for issues, another option is leaving a switch, and the option I would not use but could work is putting ends on the cables at the current location and then extending it to the new location. That last option is a bad idea because you have so many breaks in the connection that would likely lead to issues. Best to bid jobs like this as new runs.