Reliability of the USW-Lite-16-PoE

I have had the unify USW-Lite-16-PoE in my home lab for just over a year and Thrusday it decided to take a dive and the LED was flashing white, blue, off, over and over again. Over on Reddit and the Unifi forums this seems to be a common occurrence with the switch at least on the early batches of the switch.

It seems that a component in the switch is breaking down due to heat over time. I took all my connections and moved them to a backup switch I had and unplugged the device. The next morning I plugged in and it was working again. I then just move a few devices to the switch and within 1.5 hours it was doing the LED light flash again and was disconnected. Also when this is gong on VLAN’s and LAG groups are no longer functional but the untagged traffic still flows.

I opened a RMA with Unifi Friday but still haven’t heard back from them, just wanted to get anyone else’s feedback on this device, I have about 5 in the field and if they are having long term issues I would start the process to replace.